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logistics Program

Moving at the Speed of  Business


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What is Logistics?

Logistics is the science of moving, storing and distributing goods, funds, and information from the point of origin to consumption. Simply put, Logistics means having the right thing, at the right place, at the right time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Logistics:

1. Logistics is a pandemic and recession-proof industry. Expect job security and fast career advancement!

2. LA & Long Beach Ports are the country's top import and export hub. In 2019, California's business exported $173 billion in goods to 229 countries.

3. E-commerce will be a 4.5 trillion dollar industry in 2021. Online sales are unstoppable!

4. E-commerce is the new norm post-Covid.

5. High demand for professionals in the Logistics industry.  

Our Mission:

The goal of East Los Angeles College’s Technology & Logistics Program is to prepare students for 21st Century careers in the Logistics industry. Since our inception, we have made a strong commitment to stay current with industry trends and establish strategic industry partnerships to influence curriculum and land careers for students. Our Motto: Moving at the speed of business.

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Leadership in Global Logistics

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Logistics Specialist

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Industry Safety Standards


Certificates in Demand

Earn in One Semester!


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8-Week Classes

Learn on the go!

Skills Certificates and as degree  

Look who's hiring our students!

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Metro Talent Development,

Strategic Workforce Planning

"We welcome more ELAC logistics students to take advantage of our amazing internship opportunities. Let Metro bring your logistics knowledge to life!"


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H.R. Operations Manager

"Thanks to the partnership between UPS and ELAC we have provided life-changing career opportunities to over 200 ELAC Logistics Students. Will you be next?"




Amazon Recruiter

"Amazon is committed to hiring ELAC logistics students and providing them with an extraordinary career path. “


Nick Kocheck


President, Temco Logistics

"The ELAC Technology and Logistics Students are some of the finest students we’ve hired. I’m looking for more of them..."






Ivan Lau

Class of 2017

"I decided to resume my college education and enrolled in the ELAC Logistics Program in Spring 2016. With the continual support and knowledge of the Logistics professors, I am well on my way to applying what I have learned into the real world."


Sylvia Thompson

Veteran, Class of 2018

"The Logistics Program has benefited me in so many ways, from the dedicated professors who teach us and their loyalty to inspiring us to do our best. This program has given me the tools I will need in the Logistics field to be successful in any aspect of Logistics."


Gilbert Lomeli

Industrial Engineer, Alumni

“ The Logistics program totally changed my career path and where I am going in my life. I have a career now and I know I am going to keep growing (in this field).”


Carmen Orozco

Industrial Engineer, Alumni

"The classes in Logistics were very flexible with my schedule. Not only did I get my education, but I was able to secure a position in the Logistics industry. If anyone is looking for a path, courses to take to be able to better themselves, I would say that Technology and Logistics Program is a great choice."


Javier Tomas
ELAC Logisitcs student, International Learning Center High School

“The pandemic has only helped me raise my standards. I’ll be earning my AS Degree in Technology and Logistics before I graduate high school. What about you?”

Amazon Student.jpg

Bryan Vu
ELAC Logistics Student

"The logistics program jump started my career with Amazon and also set me on the right path towards career advancement"

Manuel Galvez.jpg

Manuel Galvez
Intern, UPS

"East Los Angeles College has a great program which prepared me for the internship at UPS by providing the skills necessary to succeed. ELAC has helped me to develop critical-thinking, team work, and leadership skills, which are beneficial and essential to be an intern at UPS."


From the Department of Labor

In 2012, the Technology & Logistics Program in the Computer Applications & Office Technologies Department was awarded $3,000,000 by the Department of Labor to further enhance the program. The project elevated ELAC’s success in preparing workers and students for a wide range of logistics jobs in a geographic area that is home to the world’s fifth busiest port. Objectives included: increasing student completion success, accelerating student transitions into logistics career path education, expanding local capacity to supply employees for forecasted labor demands in logistics, and accelerating student entry and transitions into logistics job fields requiring college-granted certificates.



Our professors are here to help you achieve your education goals.


Leonardo Medina

Associate Professor


- Over 18 years of Logistics experience

- M.A., Education, and Leadership 

California State University, Los Angeles


- B.A., Business Communications  

California State University, Los Angeles


- OSHA Certified Trainer




Adjunct Faculty

- Over 20 Years of Logistics experience 


- M.S., Supply Chain Management & Certificate in Business Essentials

Florida Institute of Technology


- B.S., Aviation Administration with a minor in Industrial Technology  & Certificate in Commercial Transportation

California State University, Los Angeles


- Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

University of California, Riverside