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Our industry influenced and career-driven skills certificates and degree program are designed to land you a promising career in the logistics industry. Our courses are facilitated by leading professionals, that balance traditional academic study with necessary practical training. If you are a working professional or a college graduate looking for specific career skills, you are in the right place!


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"This program delivered a deep understanding of the Logistics industry. With the real-case  discussions and sharing by the guest speakers during classes, it was an eye opener; creative thinking and further helped me in my professional development. Thank you for having such a thorough program."

Sarah Lee
UCLA Graduate


"As a logistics student I have had the pleasure of learning first hand from the most talented professors at ELAC. The professors are driven, organized and develop inspiring relationships with their students. The professors have a wonderful rapport with students of all ages, especially young adults. Their ability and talent to connect with students on logistics and leadership concepts are both truly superior."

Sam Semry 
CSULA Graduate


"I enrolled in the Technology & Logistics Program to strengthen my knowledge and resume. I figured it made sense to learn about logistics because so much of the economy involves trade and globalization. I learned a lot of valuable information in the classes I took about how interconnected our economy is in the world and how it affects each one of us. Ultimately, having the Logistics certificate and obtaining the MSSC Certified Logistics Associate and Certified Logistics Technician certifications helped give me the edge in obtaining a job advancement which led me to my current career path."

Stephanie Shibata
CSULB Graduate