Arizona State University

Cal State Dominguez Hills

CSUDH has articulated five of our Logistics courses for three of their upper division management courses.  

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All our courses are Cal State University transferable. However, the universities listed below have placed significant value upon the transfer of our most ambitious students. The articulation agreements demonstrate just that. Although our career driven skills certificates are of tremendous value, a degree from a four-year university will not only increase your competency level, it will also make you extremely marketable for employment or promotion. Take advantage today!



CSULA has articulated two of our Logistics courses for their upper division management courses.  


Cal State


CSUSB has articulated two of our Logistics courses for their upper division management courses.  


Looking to transfer to a four-year university or need help planning your achievement of a Logistics certificate? We have effective and experienced program counselors who can facilitate that for you. Online counseling is also available.

Don't wait . . . Reach out today and get your education plan!

Dray Banks, Counselor 

Call: (323) 415-4166 for appointments



Suzette Morales-Guerra, MSW

Counselor & Professor

Call: (323) 415-5351


 Transfer Student Testimonials

"Get an Educational Plan! Don’t go another semester without talking to your counselor. Not doing this, will delay your graduation day! Believe me…Go! Set up an appointment with your counselor. Get an Ed Plan. Transfer. Graduate! Your family will thank you for it and your career will depend on it. Now go!"

Christian Gonzales

CSULA student,

Business Operations and Supply Chain Management Major

"Transferring to UCLA was a dream come true! The logistics program were the gears that drove me to this next stage in life."

ShiYi Fan

UCLA student,

Economics Major

"As you know, they say a person changes careers three or four times during their lifetime. Well, I’ve changed my mind about what I wanted to do seven times already!  Yet, in the end, the Logistics Program found me! I was able to finish all the Logistics courses in just one semester. A couple of semesters later, I received an AS Degree from ELAC. Now I am on my way to CSULA to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management. The Logistics Program has opened up so many career opportunities for me. I was even able to obtain a supervisor position at UPS because of this program. Now I am on my way to becoming an Industrial Engineer at UPS."

Yanet Castro 

ELAC student,

Logistics Major