Although all of the Technology & Logistics courses are online, we have taken a personal, strategic, and hybrid approach to deliver college courses to UPSers at the Main Street Hub. We call it “College at the Hub.” The objective of this program is to enhance the business skills of the workforce that can immediately impact their existing work environment. This program is also for the aspiring professional on a path towards career advancement. All logistics courses are designed to complete certificates and/or an Associate in Science Degree, as well as provide a seamless transfer to a local Cal State or to National University.

UPS Partnership

East Los Angeles College’s Technology & Logistics Program has achieved much of its academic strength by cultivating an industry partnership with UPS – Southern California District since 2009. UPS has significantly influenced the curriculum and provides guest speakers and student tours to local UPS facilities as well as career opportunities for many of our students. 

In return, we consider ourselves a contributor to UPS’s 100 year legacy by providing UPSers with customized college‐credit courses in the field of logistics. Close to 100 UPSers have earned our Skills Certificates and have transferred to four-year universities. This mutual commitment has enabled the Technology & Logistics Program to positively impact and strengthen UPS’s greatest asset—its people.




Maximiliano Quezada

PT Supervisor, Grande Vista Hub

“I was promoted in just 2 months! My grit, the right guidance, and the ELAC/UPS College at the Hub Program positioned me for my promotion to a Part-Time Supervisor!”


Sarai Ortega

UPSer & former ELAC Logistics student

"I’m driving my career! What about you?
Thank you, UPS & ELAC Logistics program!"


Annette Cardenas

UPS New Hire & ELAC/UPS College at the Hub Student

“You mean, If I load these UPS trucks, I’ll get $25,000 in Tuition, Assistance+ benefits+weekly paycheck? Easy!”


Kyle Sasse

UPS Industrial Engineer

“I began at ELAC College at the Hub Program and now I’m a University transfer student.”


Kyle Quintanilla

PT Supervisor, Main Street Hub

"As a supervisor at UPS, I have learned not only to be a better leader but to help teach others to lead. The College at Hub Program has given me the opportunity to grow not only in my education, but in my daily operation. This program teaches you to set expectations beyond your own capabilities."

Advisory Testimonials-2.png

Domonique Seeley

PT Supervisor, Compton Hub

“With all the trials and tribulations in my life, I could have made a lot of excuses and given up. However, these difficulties only made my determination to overcome them stronger. Through the College at the Hub program, I went back to school to secure a brighter future for myself and my children. My goal at UPS is to become an HR director."

Advisory Testimonials-3.png

Regina Reyes

PT Supervisor, Bell Hub

“I’m a dedicated wife, mother of two, and a UPSer. Thank you, College at the Hub, for facilitating the opportunity to earn my college degree.”


Ana Rosales

ELAC Logistics student

“I’m a UPS, HR Professional! This seasonal opportunity is my resume builder!
Thank you, ELAC Logistics for positioning me for success.”